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Experience has taught us over the years that people can have a better quality of life by staying in their own homes with the assistance of quality caregivers, and their relatives also stand to benefit through more peace of mind, mitigated anxiety, greater convenience, more time, and emotional breathing space, all to help them to overcome the challenges they face in caring for their loved one.

We, at Comfort Care Nursing Professionals (CCNP), are licensed by the State of Florida to provide screened and carefully selected caregivers to achieve our Clients' goals of remaining in their homes, holding on to their independence with Client-directed assistive support, and maintaining a positive outlook as they make the most of living their lives.  Life's challenges need not be prohibitive.  Comfort Care Nursing Professionals has for many years been in the business of comforting its Clients, and we intend to continue doing so.  Not only have our Clients referred other Clients to us, but we have even had relatives of Clients become Clients themselves because they were pleased with how we professionally conducted ourselves and because they could see that we truly care.

Who are we?  We are a professional, State-licensed and regulated Nurse Registry that screens, carefully selects, and audits its qualified, credentialed, and insured caregivers, who are the most attentive, caring, and professional in the business.  Anything less is below our standards, and we guaranty that, if not satisfied or if personalities don't quite mesh, we will replace the caregiver accordingly.  We are Comfort Care Nursing Professionals, well-referred provider of choice for optimal value in in-home care.

Our Guiding Mission

Comfort Care Nursing Professionals is a Nurse Registry organization committed to securing and referring qualified nursing professionals, reliable, prompt, respectful caregivers dedicated to serving our client patients with excellence and compassionate care, continually striving for client-patient satisfaction.

What We're Doing

Comfort Care Nursing Professionals are helping families all over to take care of their loved ones, enhancing the positive feeling of a familiar environment through in-home care.  We refer a variety of qualified caregivers to those like you, who need in-home care after surgery, or after a hospital-stay or rehabilitation.  The personalized attention we offer to our Clients is focused on consistency, reliability, and close communication.  We take pride in providing an improvement in the quality of living, and day-to-day physical and emotional state, of our Clients.  We do all this to ensure your peace of mind as you entrust yourself or your loved one to our care.

A Little About Our Service

  • Reliable and responsive
  • Available to answer the phone 24/7
  • Insured for your protection
  • Caregivers and nurses that have passed a Level 2 background screening, health screening, and tailored selection process
  • Over ten years of experience
  • Licensure by the AHCA
  • Inncorporation of little things that add value; e.g., Skype™ calls—personalized for you or your loved one to have contact with family
  • Ease of accessibility and connectivity through multiple modes of communication: phone, email, fax, and online networks; e.g., facebook®, twitter®, and linkedIn®